Quinn Smart Helmets Built For Safety

Quin Smart helmets For Extra Safety For Riders

We just found out about Quin Helmets which are uniquely built for extra safety for riders and were pretty blown away at how cool they are. We don’t typically think if helmets very often. Well that is not until High Speed Diva Melissa Luciana came on the scene. Those of you who have been fans for a while probably know she is an avid motorcycle rider and moto-stunt rider.

Quin Helmets Smart Helmet Built for Safetya

The “Golden Hour” is the approximate one hour time frame in which a life can be saved or critical trauma reduced if an injured person gets to a hospital in time. Few motorcycle helmets take this into account, and many emerging smart helmets even pose risk on the road via non-essential, distracting features.

Quin Helmets are the first-ever to provide integrated crash detection for forces above 100G and SOS beacon for vulnerable riders on-the-move.

The response systems trigger a signal with GPS location to a rider’s emergency contacts and first responders.

The first product range includes three designs, with a flagship offering of a nude carbon fiber race spec full-face helmet (the lightest smart helmet on the market today at 1,270g. All three designs have protected circuitry, invisible interior integration, and an aerodynamic, comfortable fit.

Quin Helmets Smart Helmet Built for Safetya

A Quin Smart Helmet is like having OnStar for your motorcycle and we think it’s an amazing innovation for motorcycle safety.

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