August 2019 Issue – Kat Monroe

August 2019 HIGHSPEED Diva – Kat Monroe

This issue welcomes our newest HIGHSPEED Diva Kat Monroe. Shooting with her was so much fun even though we didn’t get to shoot as much as I would have liked. We were a little pressed for time, but we still got it in as you will see in her layout.

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HIGHSPEED Diva Kat Monroe - Photographed By Deaqon James

Rachel Clugston

Rachel Clugston is quite an accomplished model and actress as well as a YouTuber. She has quite an impressive following on Instagram and it’s no surprise with those eyes and dangerous curves.

Actress and Model Rachel Clugston

Danni Davenport

Danni Davenport is the first HIGHSPEED Diva to ever grace one of our covers from back when we were HIGHSPEED DIVAS Magazine. She also became one of the most popular Divas to date.

HIGHSPEED Diva Danni Davenport

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HIGHSPEED Magazine August 2019

By Deaqon James in High Speed Magazine

68 pages, published 7/23/2019

This issue of HIGHSPEED Magazine features HIGHSPEED Diva and former adult video performer Kat Monroe, the legacy Diva from our first ever issue Danni Davenport, and rounding out this issue is the gorgeous model Rachel Clugston. With stunning photography by Deaqon James.

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