Get Your Kicks, on Route 66

When I was a kid there was a show called Route 66 about the adventures of two young drifters across America. The adventures of two young drifters driving across America in their Corvette Stingray along, you guessed it. Route 66.

Summer is almost here, and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than by cranking up the tunes, getting behind the wheel of a convertible and taking a road trip along Route 66! This iconic highway, also known as the “Mother Road,” stretches over 2,400 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica and is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.

Driving along Route 66 is a unique experience that offers a glimpse into America’s past. Along the way, you’ll pass through small towns and big cities, see historic landmarks, and meet friendly locals. The road is dotted with classic diners, motels, and roadside attractions that harken back to a simpler time.

One of the most popular stops along Route 66 is the town of Winslow, Arizona. Here, you’ll find the “Standin’ on the Corner” statue, which commemorates the Eagles’ hit song “Take it Easy.” Visitors can stand on the corner and snap a photo with the statue, making for a great Instagram post.

Another must-see stop is the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. This quirky art installation features ten Cadillacs buried nose-down in the ground. Visitors are encouraged to bring spray paint and leave their mark on the cars, making for a colorful and interactive experience.

As you make your way through Missouri, be sure to stop in at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. This iconic landmark stands 630 feet tall and offers stunning views of the city and the Mississippi River. You can take a tram to the top of the arch and even explore the museum below.

Of course, no trip along Route 66 would be complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon. This natural wonder is located just a short drive from the route and is one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. You can take a helicopter tour, hike the trails, or simply admire the view from one of the many overlooks.

Driving along Route 66 is a true adventure, and it’s a great way to see America’s heartland. The road is easy to navigate, and there are plenty of resources available to help you plan your trip. You can find guidebooks, maps, and even apps that will help you find the best stops along the way.

So, pack your bags, grab your sunglasses, and hit the open road this summer. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or just looking for a fun and unique experience, Route 66 has something for everyone. So, start your engines and let’s hit the road!

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