Tom Holland’s 4th Spider-Man Film Officially in The Works…

How excited are we for this news? VERY. Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite super-hero characters and seeing the early movies in 2003 was an exciting thing for me.

Tom Holland is officially returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to reprise his role as Spider-Man.

Following last year’s explosive reception to Spider-Man: No Way Home, which grossed over $1.9 billion at the box office, it’s safe to say that the Spider-Man Trilogy is definitely a winner among audiences – but how successful is the franchise as a whole? 

According to a recent study by Betway, the Spider-Man Trilogy is the second most successful film franchise of all time – scoring and impressive 65.3 out of 90 in the study. 

The superhero franchise has racked up a massive $8.3B (£7.1B) at the box office and the films have received a respectable overall IMDb rating of 7.3/10. The films have also won 184 awards, so it’s no surprise that superfans are searching for the movie titles 17,632,000 times. 

Tom Holland’s 4th Spider-Man film officially in the works: How successful is the franchise as a whole?

The study revealed that the Star Wars Trilogy came out on top as the most successful film franchise of all time, with an admirable score of 69.3 out of 90. The long-standing franchise has successfully secured huge box office takings of $10.3B (£8.9B) and won 348 awards. 

Marvel makes its way to third, as one of the most successful movie franchises of all time with a heroic score of 62.7 out of 90. 

Ranked on a number of factors including box office takings, average IMDb rating, number of awards won, number of returning cast members, total movie title searches, Wiki fandom score, merchandise search volume, and release date search volume to reveal an overall score.

The top 10 most successful film franchises of all time

  1. Star Wars – 69.3/90
  2. Spider-Man – 65.3/90
  3. Marvel – 62.7/90
  4. Wizarding World (Harry Potter) – 62.6/90 
  5. Batman – 61.5/90 
  6. James Bond – 57.9/90 
  7. Jurassic Park – 50.5/90 
  8. Middle Earth (Lord of The Rings) – 47.5/90
  9. Fast & Furious – 45.8/90 
  10. X-Men – 38.3/90 

As part of their Most Successful Film Franchises study, the team at Betway also discovered: 

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