American Muscle Grill

Serious” Bragging Rights to Make Neighbors REEEEAAALLLLLY Jealous! This grill was inspired by the ’65 Ford Shelby GT350’s front end grill. It’s a muscle bound monster of a grill, and guys LOVE it. I have a great product for a feature, a revolutionary grill that’s changing the way anyone who has a mindset for a great backyard grill thinks about them, including designers who are now very busy fulfilling an avalanche of design orders to make incredible outdoor backyard kitchens with all the best equipment.

The trend is fueled by the thrust of new high-end equipment being poured into indoor kitchens.

Summerset has introduced THE AMERICAN MUSCLE GRILL, arguably the best new grill to the industry, and it’s being praised by most of the grilling celebrity chefs and experts who’ve had a chance to see and experience it.

It’s being called “the mother of all grills,” and even “one bad ass grill” by those who’ve used many, many grills, so it is special. it cooks on real savory wood logs, AND gas! VERY SPECIAL.

Summerset Grills is a solid company that’s got all the right stuff. The American Muscle Grill is a huge hit in the channels and with consumers who’ve been able to acquire it, including actor Sylvester Stallone.

It’s nothing like any other grill of which you may be aware.

It takes grilling to an entire new level using real fuels like savory woods and coals on which to cook. This elevates the consciousness of grilling in the user and enables them to prepare incredible foods.

The convenience of using dual fuels in addition to the standard gas/propane makes the whole experience very convenient, comfortable and exceptional.

I’d love to arrange a demonstration. Yes, this is a high-end grill. It’s costly, and it’s the kind of thing people are acquiring to go with the trend of high-end backyard kitchens.

It was just awarded a prestigious Gold Medial by popular media site:

I had a meeting recently where the president was gushing over how well it is being accepted in the pipelines, by consumers and their dealers.

The company is solid, profitable, and just moved into expanded facilities. This AMG grill is all made in the U.S. too!

I know your audience would love to see a feature, because it’s absolutely special, and unlike any other grill.

One thing I’m seeing is that the AMG has had an affect on people that moves some to a higher level of grilling consciousness.

Instead of just grilling dinner, using the AMG becomes a right of passage into finer outdoor cooking, to becoming the cook you never thought you’d be, or the one you always wanted to be.

It allows vast flexibility in how and what to cook.  It’s also a unit that enables pride and bragging rights.

Imagine your friends and family seeing you toss a branch of hickory or mesquite into one of the fuel trays, then cooking on a live open fire… on a grill!

But then… if you just want to use the standard gas fuel, you just turn it on! So simple.

This is very special, and unique. The next closest grill on the market that even comes close to this capability is a far out of reach extra $20,000!

That’s how great this grill is and why all the grilling media “celebrities” are planning something at various levels in the late winter and spring.

What Are Your Thoughts?