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#WCW: High Speed Diva Dylan Johnson Photo Gallery

Dylan Johnson is the Diva who pretty much bullied her way onto the pages of High Speed Magazine back when we first started .

I got a call from Dylan back when we were doing a model search for the new team of Divas and she wanted to meet up. She actually told me.

“Once you meet me you will certainly put me on the team!” Well she wasn’t wrong at all.

These are just some lost photos from one of our many shoots. There was something about Dylan that everyone just gravitated toward her.

She was certainly a sweet woman for being as gorgeous as she was. Just as a Diva should be.

CRW_7384Here are some Dylan Johnson facts:

She got her first cover of High Speed Magazine in June 2009 Lowrider Issue She went on to appear in several issues and appeared on her 2nd cover with fellow Diva alums Shawnae Belvedere and Mee Mee B Exactly a year later for the Star Cars issue.




Deaqon James
Deaqon James is a Commercial & Glamour photographer who also enjoys cars, sneakers and of course beautiful women. He founded High Speed Magazine in 2006.

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