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VIDEO: New SPEED series Hard Parts: South Bronx – GIVE AWAY


Just when you got to thinking that there was just no more reality to do shows about we find out that the auto parts business is inherently frenzied. Its ultra-competitive, product can be hard to locate and customers are often less than forgiving. But for Joe Ferrer and his burgeoning family owned business, BS&F Auto Parts (, an extra ingredient was needed €“ life in The Bronx.
Based on an award-winning New York Television Festival pilot, Hard Parts: South Bronx is national cable television network SPEED€™s intense new primetime television series that debuts with a Special Preview onSaturday May 19, immediately following this year€™s running of the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race from Charlotte Motor Speedway. Weekly episodes of the show can be seen every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT premiering May 24.

€œIt€™s about my customers, as they want everything right now €“ or yesterday €“ they want it as fast as possible,€ Joe Ferrer said. €œBut as fast as they want the parts, they don€™t always pay in the same amount of time. Those are some of the difficulties you go through with a business like this. The economy is not exactly the best of times for any of us €“ it€™s a fight. It€™s a battle every single day.€

€œThe stakes are clear,€ added Mark Hickman, NorthSouth Productions Executive Producer & Partner. €œIf something is wrong with your car and you can€™t get to school, you can€™t get to work or you can€™t deliver a pizza – it€™s alarming. In some form or fashion everyone relies on their automobile and it€™s the unsung heroes of the parts business that keep a lot of those cars going.
€œWhat you see in the program is very real, so much so, the store is like an emergency room, but with more energy and excitement,€ Hickman continued. €œTheir clients demand that BS&F get them the part quickly. So it really is that kind of incredible pace and energy, from the minute the store opens at 7 a.m. until it closes at 5 p.m. It is a challenge to shoot because we are producing during the course of their business day. We sometimes want his (Joe Ferrer€™s) attention to a scene or something we need to capture, but he€™s more interested in getting a muffler out to his client – which is what he does.€

In honor of the launch of the show Fast Lane Magazine has teamed up with SPEED to do a prize-pack give away! We will be giving away the prize packs below to the three people who post the most and ‘SHARE’ the qualifying photos on our Facebook Page the most. Check out our page for more details.



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