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Upstate NY Drivers Aren’t Prepared For An Early Winter

Upstate New York is notorious for experiencing winter-like conditions well before the season changes over from the fall and this year is no different. During the weekend of October 17th & 18th, areas around Syracuse recorded 9 inches of snow according to the ABC News and temperatures that plunged to 10 degrees.

Over 50 car accidents resulted from the icy conditions and an 11-vehicle crash occurred on Interstate 81. This draws concerns on the accuracy of the mild winter prediction for the northern region.

Snow chainsBut the largest worry may be the preparedness of residents and their vehicles because many may not be up to the task of dealing with another brutal winter ahead.

In February 2015, Upstate New York had a record-breaking winter where cities like Syracuse had 23 straight days of snow fall and nearly 5 feet of snow accumulation.

This marked February as the coldest month in 113 years with the average temperature around 9 degrees according to the Syracuse news.

With this in mind and the most recent cold weather events, people in Upstate New York may need to take preventive measures now.

“We’re seeing more and more people come in for snow tires, chains and car batteries,” said Billy Abold of A & P Auto Parts. “It’s imperative for drivers to get their vehicles in shape so they can handle the winter road conditions and avoid accidents.”

Local business owner, Billy Abold, operates an auto parts store and auto dismantling company in the Cicero area, and says people are beginning to flock in by the masses to prep their vehicles before weather conditions get worse.

Testing car batteryA & P Auto Parts has numerous locations in the Upstate New York area and shoppers are looking for these parts that are essential for driving during winter conditions.

Abold recommends that everyone takes the necessary steps to prep for the upcoming season by getting what they need for their vehicles. In the event of an emergency, you’ll need reliable transportation and that can stem from winterizing your car.

Billy Abold’s additional thoughts:

  • Replace your car battery every 3 years or sooner if it’s cranking slow.
  • Snow tires have deeper tread depths, special tread designs and softer rubber to conform to the road, which makes them better performers in inclement weather.
  • Wiper blades need to fully clear the windshield and should not streak.
  • Power steering systems & brakes need to be inspected for optimal control in bad conditions.



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