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Track 1 New All-Terrain Electric Board

Track 1 New All-Terrain Electric Board

Thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts will soon have a new, exciting way to explore during adventures with this all Terrain electric board.

A new, one-of-a-kind off-road e-board known as Track 1 has launched. The vehicle is the first of its kind made with a specialty track capable of riding snow, dirt, sand and street.Track 1 New All-Terrain Electric Board

Flux Design Co., a Seattle based company, announces today the launch of Track 1, the world’s first e-board with an all-season track capable of maneuvering in snow, dirt, sand and on streets. Built for boarders and outdoor enthusiasts, the Track 1 can seamlessly transition from a hands-free electric board to a powerful utility vehicle.It is ideal for thrill-seekers and mountaineers looking for an exciting new way to explore during adventures and simplify unconventional outdoor labor and activities.

Track 1 New All-Terrain Electric Board“We’re proud to have created the world’s first all-season tracked e-board –Track 1 –which was built to do what no other board could do -ride serious terrain,” said founder of Flux Design Co., Michael Menendez. “We wanted to create the most versatile and compact all terrain board to simplify experiences such as having fun in fresh snow, trails,sand and dirt.”

Track 1 New All-Terrain Electric BoardThe Track 1 is supported by a lightweight and durable track that was designed by Flux’s top engineers and comes complete with a utility handlebar, carbon fiber deck, foot bindings, patented flux track, and two ATV grade wheels, a design intended to give riders the maneuverability and fluidity that is essential to any board riding experience.

Track 1 New All-Terrain Electric BoardThe track has the equivalent traction of a 30-inch wheel, without the bulkiness or excess weight. Due to Track 1’s proprietary mixture of polymers andaerospace composites, the vehicle is lightweight and can acclimate easily to any environment. Track 1 can travel at speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour and has a battery life to support approximately 12 miles of travel –perfect for active explorers.

The battery is interchangeable and can be swapped with an extra battery for extended range. Track 1 is also equipped with LED lights for night ridingand like the rest of the board is suitable for wet conditions.“We are very excited to introduce the Track 1 and break the stigma that off-road equipment implies large, heavy and expensive machinery,” said Menendez.

Track 1 New All-Terrain Electric Board“When working on the track tread, we spent months testing different shapes and mixtures of polymers and fibers until we found something we liked.The Track 1 packs serious all-terrain horsepower into a portable, affordable product, which is something this industry has not seen yet.”Track 1 has limited availability and can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo for $2,800. The boards are slated to ship in November 2018. For more information and to purchase Track 1, please visit Indiegogo.



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