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Top Marques Monaco Supercar Fan’s Playground

Top Marques Monaco 2017: A Supercar Fan’s Luxurious Playground

Monaco; playground of the rich and famous welcomed Top Marques luxurious Supercar Show!

After almost 15 years of innovation, Top Marques Monaco has gone on to become one of the biggest and best luxury goods shows, enjoyed by shoppers and car experts alike.

Visitors can expect to see some of the world’s most unique prototypes and technological gadgets alongside unique prestige cars and elegant brand names.

It perfectly complements luxury car rental in Monaco for those wanting to attend the event in a style that befits the occasion. With the success of this year’s event, we are excited to see what the 2018 edition of Top Marques will bring.

Top Marques Monaco 2017: A Supercar Fan’s Luxurious PlaygroundTop Marques Monaco recently held another record-breaking event, making 2017 its most successful year yet. The heavily anticipated car show was welcomed to Monaco’s magnificent Grimaldi Forum for its 14th edition from the 20th to the 23rd of April.

It has established itself as a premier supercar exhibition and is known as “the world’s most exclusive car show”. A number of famous sponsors certainly agree, including His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco who is patron of the annual car show.

Top Marques Monaco 2017: A Supercar Fan’s Luxurious PlaygroundIt was another hugely successful show with 45,000 visitors in attendance. Those fortunate enough to attend were able to see the finest collection of luxurious products; from the latest luxury cars, planes and yachts to the most exclusive jewellery, gadgets, real estate and wine.

The French Collection gallery exhibited luxury vintage jewellery with names such as Cartier and Bulgari on display.

The most eye-catching item was an emerald-embedded statement-piece necklace by Boucheron. Top Marques showcases luxurious products that would not be found anywhere else, but the cars outshine them all.

Top Marques Monaco 2017: A Supercar Fan’s Luxurious PlaygroundThere were seven international debuts in the Ravel Supercar Hall, including the Calafiore C10 and the Frangivento Charlotte d’Asfané, an electric high-performance vehicle created and built in Italy by Giorgio Pirolo and Paolo Mancini.

Dutch manufacturer Donkervoort premiered the D8 GTO-RS, the fastest and lightest supercar they’ve ever built, as part of a 40-car limited edition. Famous diamond dealer Jean Boulle revealed a head-turning Bentley Azure, entirely painted with two million diamonds on the Esplanade of the Grimaldi Forum.

Top Marques Monaco 2017: A Supercar Fan’s Luxurious PlaygroundMore than 1,200 people were able to test drive luxurious cars on the streets of Monaco that make up part of the legendary F1 circuit.

After this experience, it isn’t surprising that a number of people were tempted to buy cars and a significant amount of car sales were made during and after the show. Cars on display included Lamborghini, Jeep, Lexus and Tesla.

Top Marques Monaco 2017: A Supercar Fan’s Luxurious PlaygroundTop Marques was awash with state-of-the-art technology, as demonstrated by the two futuristic flying cars presented at the show. Aeromobil’s hotly-anticipated flying supercar was originally unveiled as a prototype in Vienna over two years ago where it created an international media frenzy.

The new model will be the company’s first commercially available vehicle and features hundreds of design and engineering improvements. It can reach heights of 3,000 metres, and might be equipped with solar panels to improve on its flight autonomy.

Top Marques Monaco 2017: A Supercar Fan’s Luxurious PlaygroundThe PAL-V Liberty is the world’s first commercial hybrid-flying car with a retractable rotor.

It is the result of 26 years of development and complies with existing safety standards. Starting at 300,000 euros, the PAL-V Liberty comes with two engines for extra security and only takes four days to assemble. The company’s flying car simulator was a popular attraction that helped visitors to better understand the concept.



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