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The Hoff & KITT Return in the All-New ‘Knight Rider Heroes’ Trailer

As you probably know; I am a big fan of the 1980’s Knight Rider, and had a fantasy come true when I got to photograph the legendary Knight Industries Two Thousand or K.I.T.T if you prefer for the August 2009 issue of High Speed Magazine.

This new trailer will surely have fans of the classic ’80s TV show Knight Rider squirming in their seats.

kittNot giving away much, the super short video starts with an intro that states “Conspiracy theories claim the foundation went underground.”

Then bam, the camera jumps to a dark figure dressed in leather and it’s none other than “The Hoff” himself.

Now looking a little older, it appears as though Michael Knight is set to make a comeback, as KITT races across the desert behind him.

KNIGHT-RIDER-HEROES-Official-Trailer-2016-1038x576Met by a younger man, Hasselhoff asks, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?,” setting the wheels in motion for what could potentially be the ultimate revival.

There’s no further details besides this cryptic trailer, but we’ll keep you posted as anything comes in.



Deaqon James
Deaqon James is a Commercial & Glamour photographer who also enjoys cars, sneakers and of course beautiful women. He founded High Speed Magazine in 2006.

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