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TECH: Grill-in-a-box For Summer Cookouts

When you want to grill on-the-go you have the option to lug along awkward and heavy grills that claim to be portable, or you can use a flimsy, disposable grill pan that is sold with charcoal inside, but neither of these options lead to an enjoyable grilling experience. The Esbit Foldable BBQ Box makes grilling easier through its unique and truly portable design.

The sides of the Esbit Foldable BBQ Box collapse for travel and setting up the grill takes less than a minute. Simply pull open the sides of the grill, pour in your charcoal, light, and set in the three-level, height adjustable grate. An added bonus, one portion of charcoal can even be stored inside your grill as you drive to your destination. A special charcoal bag made of nylon with a waterproof internal coating can be filled with charcoal and laid in the bottom of the grill to save space in the rest of your car. Post-grilling, the cooled Foldable BBQ Box can be stored inside its included carrier bag to contain any grease, charcoal or dirt keeping your car interior protected and clean.

The Esbit Foldable BBQ Box is made from high-quality stainless steel and it comes with a stand for stability as well as a storage bag with strap for easy carrying. The grill weighs a little over 5 lbs and is 12-inches long and 9-inches wide. When closed it is 3.5-inches tall and when open the sides of the grill stand at 7-inches.

The Esbit Foldable BBQ Box retails for $89.99 and is sold at, Eastern Mountain Sports stores, and For more information visit



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