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TECH: GoPro Dual HERO System

gopro-dual-hero-systemGoPro unveiled new accessories for the Hero3 and 3+ cameras. One addition that caught my eye was their Dual HERO System ($200), a unique housing setup that supports two HERO3+ Black Edition cameras. Using the accessory you can capture photos and videos simultaneously, as well as record synchronized footage to convert to 3D.

Imagine the fun we’ll have capturing our NSFW On The Set videos and converting them to 3D for your viewing and fapping pleasures! Oh hell yeah this is going to be fun!


Each unit comes with two pairs of 3D glasses to view our 3D footage. Not that it helps you guys out much but w’ll enjoy it! Hell we actually have no fucking clue where you can even get 3D glasses. 

If you know, let us know.





Deaqon James
Deaqon James is a Commercial & Glamour photographer who also enjoys cars, sneakers and of course beautiful women. He founded High Speed Magazine in 2006.

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