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Pirelli launches colored tires and an intelligent tire

PIRELLI LAUNCHES AN INTELLIGENT AND BEAUTIFUL TIRE AT THE GENEVA MOTOR SHOW, WHICH INTERACTS WITH ITS DRIVER As was the case with the Cinturato radial tires of the 1950s and the ultra low profile P Zero of the 1980s, Pirelli ushers in a new era of tire-making. At the Geneva Motor Show, Pirelli presents two innovations: -Colored

Michelin Launches New TV Commercial During The Superbowl

Michelin Launches New Superbowl Ad Campaign During “Big Game”

While glued to the TV this Sunday, keep an eye out for the debut of Michelin’s ad spot for its brand new, global “Caring” campaign. Michelin has always been a brand that connects you to the things in life that matter most. And nothing matters more today than bringing people together. Michelin will introduce a new global campaign

Sponsored: The MICHELIN® Premier® A/S Tire VIDEO

The MICHELIN® Premier® A/S Tire video informed me that one of the many things we didn't previously know is that the average family drives about twenty thousand miles per year. When you drive that much, one of the greatest safety features on your car is your tires. You need to be able to stop when you