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Pirelli launches colored tires and an intelligent tire

PIRELLI LAUNCHES AN INTELLIGENT AND BEAUTIFUL TIRE AT THE GENEVA MOTOR SHOW, WHICH INTERACTS WITH ITS DRIVER As was the case with the Cinturato radial tires of the 1950s and the ultra low profile P Zero of the 1980s, Pirelli ushers in a new era of tire-making. At the Geneva Motor Show, Pirelli presents two innovations: -Colored

Pirelli flexes P Zero muscle at SEMA 2015

Pirelli flexes P Zero muscle at SEMA 2015 From “pole position” in the South Hall of The Las Vegas Convention Center, P Zero equipped supercars showcase the strength of the product family across motorsport, prestige OE applications and high end custom tuning SEMA follows F1 success for P Zero after two consecutive North American Grands Prix in