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The Death Of Superman Lives – What Happened?

  Personally when I got the script for this years ago and yes I STILL have the script, casting Nicolas Cage as the arguably best loved and most recognized super hero of all time, add director Tim Burton, who did a hatchet job on the 1989 Batman and is there any real question as to why 'Superman

Smokey and the Bandit Re-imagined for 40th anniversary

Smokey And The Bandit 40th Anniversary

Before Dominick Torretto and Bryan O'Conner were gleams in their daddy's eyes the Bandit was blazing a trail of chaos and mayhem across the southeast. We want to thank CarSpring for reminding us of this classic film. I remember sitting in that darkened theater in 1977 popcorn in my lap waiting for what would begin my

Suicide Squad, Tattoos, Rats, Dead Pigs on Set!

Suicide Squad Creepy Set Details

We've heard a lot of hype about Suicide Squad and it's production. And it sounds like it will be amazing. Things like the Suicide Squad actors needing a psychologist on set because of how dark and creepy things were, but we had no idea. Most of these stories have involved Jared Leto and his immersive, over-the-top commitment