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5 Crazy Fantasies That Drive Women Wild!

Ever wonder what kinds of fantasies women have that just drive them nuts?Trust us when we say that no matter how innocent you think your woman is she has some serious fantasies.Even some that she's too scared to actually even mutter aloud lest they become real.Most won't tell you their

Click It Or Ticket – Unconstitutional? You Decide!

We've heard it a million times since we've become aware of the power of vehical ownership. We've seen it on signs and heard it on television even in movies.Click it or ticket! But is that actually constitutional? The constitution was developed to protect and ensure individual's freedoms of choice.Or at

The Death Of Superman Lives – What Happened?

 Personally when I got the script for this years ago and yes I STILL have the script, casting Nicolas Cage as the arguably best loved and most recognized super hero of all time, add director Tim Burton, who did a hatchet job on the 1989 Batman and is there any real

Essential Men’s Grooming Gift Guide!

The most often underappreciated person in the family, is the one who spent hours teaching you how to throw a football, shave, drive a car, ride a bike, and generally do some really cool stuff so that when you win the championship of your sport so that the first thing