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GIRLS: Diva Of The Week 03-14-11 Jennifer Korbin [VIDEO]

Since I've skipped a couple of Diva Of the Week posting I give you a double wammy of Miss Jennifer Korbin with the AERO. Make sure to show your love! More Jennifer Korbin after the jump below. Model: Jennifer Korbin Appears in the October 2009 issues of High Speed Magazine You also may have seen her on the

Oct 2009 – Jennifer Korbin Issue [DIGITAL MAGAZINE / VIDEO]

October 2009 issue of High Speed Magazine features glamour supermodel Jennifer Korbin! Jennifer brings in the hottest cover and layout we've done to date! We went down to one of our favorite spots to shoot JStar Motors in Anaheim California to really heat things up! COVER SHOOT INFORMATION: Model: Jennifer Korbin ( Photographer: DJ Foothill (@DeaqonJames) Makeup: Jennifer Pham Hair: Alexander