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Sponsored Video: One Stitch Closer: Veronika empowers other women – TEAR ALERT [VIDEO]

Veronika_CoatDeviating from our typical misogynistic pursuits which is more of a put on than anything real we wanted to take a moment and share this video with you. While it is a sponsored video which means we’re getting paid to promote it, this is likely to be one of the most important videos we’ve posted.

I say important because it’s a video about making a difference in the lives of people. Making a real difference. At 24 years old Veronika is a CEO and entrepreneur founder of The Empowerment Plan, and leader in the field of social capital market. She has developed a concept that the GAP’s ‘One Stitch Closer‘ program has picked up on and is promoting strongly by simply asking one simple yet incredibly powerful question and that is “How can I make a difference”. Veronika Scott is a 24 year old designer and college student who spent a year working in homeless shelters.

Growing up in a house of addicts Veronika was as she states “set up to fail.” Yet through a scholarship she was able to attend college and applied herself which coupled with her work in homeless shelters she realized the need for homeless people to have shelter and she founded the Empowerment Plan.

“Everyday I enjoy proving all of those people wrong. The homeless women I hire are powerful, driven, and I am privileged to be a part of their lives.” Veronika Scott

The Empowerment Plan is a humanitarian project based in the city of Detroit. The plan centers around the Element S Coat. It is self heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night. Made by a group of homeless women who have been paid to learn and to produce the coats for those living on the streets. The focus is on the system to create jobs for those that desire them and coats for those that need them at no cost. The goal is to empower, employ, educate, and instill pride.

The story of how she had a homeless woman chase after her and yell at her about the coats is pretty wild, and proof that inspiration can come from anywhere if we’re open to it. Please take a moment to watch the video and please if you never share another post of ours let this one be the post you share as it is the most important so far.

The simple act of you sharing this post and encouraging others to do so as well can certainly change lives and be the way you can make a difference! You do want to make a positive difference don’t you?



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