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SPONSORED: Pennzoil Breaking Barriers – Mankind’s Pursuit of Speed!

Pennzoil-Breaking-Barriers-Media-1-1024x682Many of us are familiar with the phrase “I feel the need. The need for speed!” It was a popular buzz phrase following the blockbuster film ‘Top Gun’! Pennzoil wants to introduce you to the men who actually turned the need for speed into a patriotic calling!

Country music singer Tim McGraw has teamed up with Pennzoil for their ‘Breaking Barriers‘ campaign. For years Pennzoil has been a critical leader in reshaping the automotive industry.

The company is now rededicating their energy to the pursuit of speed as well as testing and breaking the limits of technology. Along for the ride are industry legends Alex Xydias, and John Hennessey.

desktop-bbIn Breaking Barriers six short videos help showcase their impact in breaking the ‘unofficial’ record for speed.

Episode 1 introduces us to Craig Breedlove five-time world land speed record holder. Breedlove talks about growing up in sunny southern California and learning how to build cars in machine shop.

He also speaks about how his journey to break the land speed record began in his father’s garage when he acquired a jet engine from an Army surplus yard. Breedlove talks about tearing up the backyard at his father’s house to expand the existing garage and build an area where they could build their vehicle.

This is where “Spirit of America” was born. Breedlove becomes a bit emotional in the video as he recounts his experience of breaking the record, then having it broken by another driver and getting it back.

spirit32As you cycle through the video series you will hear empowering testimonials from the original ‘hot rodders,’ as well as commentary by Tim McGraw who hosts the series.

McGraw shares stories of how cars have impacted his life as well as his music career. Any true speed enthusiast will get chills watching this series, and learning how Pennzoil has impacted speed innovation.

The amount of determination, science, and technology that comes into play throughout ‘Breaking Barriers’ becomes evident as these hot rodders and speed innovators tell their stories of speed.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

While this may seem to be a foolish endeavor to many, the truth is there is more at stake here than just going fast. Each car we build to test the limits of our ability; we learn to overcome limits.

We create new technology to move us forward, and that new technology helps create jobs.

The campaign showcases how this team of experts was able to set a new, unofficial record of 270 mph utilizing the fastest street legal car in the market, the Venom GT, as well as Pennzoil products. Without a doubt, this remarkable achievement will go down in American history, a message that is conveyed throughout the entirety of this campaign.

mcgraw-876Tim McGraw perhaps says it best as he accurately pinpoints that ‘Cars, music and Pennzoil…they’re all part of the American life.’ Breaking Barriers will inspire and appeal to every speed chaser on the road, making it the perfect addition to any blogspot that shares this sense of passion and innovation.

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