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Soulja Boy’s A Freaking Idiot

But then again anyone with sense already knows this. But this timeÀšÃ‚ Soulja Boy and his management team are SCRAMBLING to remove all traces of the rapper’s army-bashing song from the Internet — and they swear … it won’t come anywhere near Soulja’s new album.

A rep for Soulja’s management team, Debby Coda, says, both the rapper’s management and his record label have been working nonstop since Friday to take the video down off the Internet.

Debby also says, the song “Let’s Be Real” was hastily and foolishly posted to the Internet — and was never approved for any album, including his upcoming “Respect My Hustle.” Debby insists, the song will never be available for purchase.

We’re told Soulja is willing to do whatever he can to make up for the song — which contains the lyric “f**k all the army troops” — including free shows for the military, and meet-and-greet sessions.

As we previously reported, Soulja has apologized for the song, blogging, “I Am Deeply Sorry To All Members Of The United States Military Services And Their Families.”


Free shows for the military? Really? How about putting on one of those uniforms, grabbing an M-4 and stand a post for about 15 months.


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