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Shotgun Diva – Jeniece Harper [VIDEO]

Shotgun Diva Jeniece Harper - DJ Foothill

I figured I’ve spent a lot of time highlighting the High Speed Divas and have for the most part not mentioned a lot of the Shotgun Divas. And YES there is a difference in the two. After the jump find out the difference between High Speed Divas and Shotgun Divas and find out if you qualify.

High Speed Divas are the ladies that grace or are slated to grace a cover of Fast Lane Magazine! Shotgun Divas however are the ladies who comprise the remaining parts of the magazine. They aren’t on the cover but they sure look good inside! High Speed Divas are either celebrities or models who work extra hard to earn a cover by not only her look but her promotions of Fast Lane Magazine!

I happened to come across these images of the incredibly gorgeous Jeniece Harper who we shot in a Las Vegas recording studio if you couldn’t tell. Also in these images are @TamiCarney who happens to be a former High Speed Divas team leader; and clothing designer Alena Dawn.

[nggallery id=14]

Incidentally as a point of trivia which may become relevant at some point in the distant future, the Editor In Chief at Fast Lane Magazine is also featured in this video as much as he was trying to avoid the cameras it didn’t work. I also want to thank Matt Gebhard for all his assistance in making this shoot happen. This was shot in Las Vegas one evening, and oddly enough it was very last minute! I will probably be posting the shoot notes online at my photography website DJTalStudio in the next few days with more images from the shoot.

The hair and make-up for the girls was done by the incredible make up artist Daniel Chinchilla you should check him out and also he has his own cosmetics line.


If you’re interested in possibly becoming a High Speed or Shotgun Diva then check out our informative article and apply by clicking here. Follow us on Twitter @FastLaneMag Let us know what you thought about this post by leaving a comment below! We look forward to hearing from all of our fans.



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Deaqon James is a Commercial & Glamour photographer who also enjoys cars, sneakers and of course beautiful women. He founded High Speed Magazine in 2006.

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