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Controversial Ads. Effective in Promoting Organ Donation?

Organ-Donor-Foundation-ads-g272012What do you think about this ad? If this ad isn’t most certainly rife with innuendo then I don’t know what is. I mean if you have a naughty mind then you’ll pick up on it. If not well you just don’t. But either way it should make perfect sense. Of COURSE it’s stirring up lots of controversy!

With over 113,000 people on the waiting list for life-saving organ transplants, increasing the number of organ donors is vitally important. To meet the growing need for donors, many advertising campaigns in Europe and South America are using eye-catching images and messages to spark conversations and encourage many people who have never considered organ donation to seek more information about registering.

Images can be very powerful. They not only have the power to persuade, they can also offend and upset. The images used in these ads are meant to make people think about how their decision to be a donor affects the lives of other people, not just their own. Yet the images of sick and dying children, as well as people just before or after their moment of death, can be very upsetting.

Controversial Organ Donor Ad- FastLaneMag.ComOne Belgian Organ Donor Foundation ad features a nearly nude woman with the message “Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her.”  If used in the United States, the sexual nature of this ad seems likely to draw significant criticism from both parents and religious organizations. However, advocates could argue the ad brings humor to a serious subject and has the potential to get people thinking and talking about donation.

Which brings us to the question, is it okay to use humor or jarring imagery to promote the life-saving gift of organ donation? Many people who have lost loved ones waiting for an organ, or who’s loved one was an organ donor, may find these ads particularly insensitive after suffering such serious loss. Donor families, families of waiting list patients, and transplant recipients are among the strongest supporters and promoters of organ donation, and their thoughts and feelings should not be considered lightly.


If you’re not an organ donor when you die, you take someone else with you.

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