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POLITICAL: How Is a Tip Newsworthy? Wake Up America You’re Stupid!

Is a professional sports player leaving a bad tip REALLY newsworthy? Is ANY of that going to drive the national debate toward any valid topics? Is that helping people make decisions in the voting booth at the next election?

American’s have become so stupid and allow all of these ridiculous distractions into their lives.

Distractions which don’t help you create a better life for yourself. Distractions which don’t provide you with better healthcare, employment, education for yourself or your children.

These distractions in no way help you. They in no way create investment in our infrastructure, or our people to build a better more productive society.

People whine about minimum wage but see no reason to become a better and more valuable employees.

People are distracted pointing fingers and whining about the haves v. have nots. Well this is America if you want more out of your life go get it!

Do what it takes to get the life you want.

You have the nerve to daily post two and three photos of your coffee from Starbucks (as if anyone cares, and you’re not getting a check for your promotion of Starbucks dumbass!) which tells us that you don’t have the good sense not to pay $5 – $6 for a cup of coffee you can make at home for $1.

Starbucks isn’t for broke ass people like YOU! It’s for people who have the money to spend, which you evidently do not have as well you’re still bitching about the 1%.

These things are all distractions. Abortion, Gay Marriage… these are RIGHTS that people SHOULD have simply because they are PEOPLE! But no, you’re distracted by your religion, political affiliation, economics.

We have people who believe that we need to be involved in places like Syria, Egypt, and against groups like “ISIS”.

washington-dcWe are a country who screams FREEDOM while denying the very freedom we’re screaming about to anyone else who chooses to not be like us!

Yet whine when those people stand up to our oppressive presence in their own countries which have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years longer than America.

When will people wake up and realize that there needs to be an adversarial relationship between “We the People” and the Government of the United States of America.

Instead; we’re so distracted into having an adversarial relationship with one another based on ethnic background, religion, political affiliation, and economic position that we miss things like Congress; the majority of whom are lawyers presenting a bill about campaign contribution reform which in effect will repeal the free speech portion of the 1st. Amendment. (Bad form Democrats!)

It is this sort of mischief which prevents useful things from happening. Why is any bill which will govern campaign contributions from corporations who like churches should have absolutely zero say in politics being tied to the freedom of speech?

Why? To ensure that the bill does NOT get passed! How clever of them. Where is your outrage about that? Where is the bipartisan vitriol and venomous outcry regarding these sorts of evil machinations which take place in government on a regular basis?

Oh that’s right you were distracted! Wake up America!



Deaqon James
Deaqon James is a Commercial & Glamour photographer who also enjoys cars, sneakers and of course beautiful women. He founded High Speed Magazine in 2006.

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