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LISTEN: Mix966FM Friday Fast Lane Feel Good Mix

Fast Lane Magazine Friday Quick Mix - DJ Dave Stylus Mix966FM.Com

Oh man! Our friends @DaveStylus and his sidekick Fry Weezie have outdone themselves this week. The Friday Fast Lane Feel Good Quick Mix just keeps getting better and better each Friday. Like AMAZEBALLS! If you haven’t checked out all the mixes from this crew over at Mix966FM then you all are certainly missing the heck out!!!

Listening to this weeks mix you quickly realize that a great mix isn’t just about being able to beat match and mix two or more songs together. It’s also about selecting the right songs! The kinds of songs that make the listener smile and just feel the need to tap their foot of get out of their seat and jam.

Check out this week’s Quick Mix and as always we’re interested in hearing your thoughts! You can also leave us your requests for an upcoming mix below! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @FastLaneMag

Mix966FM.Com Friday Feel Good Quick Mix



Deaqon James
Deaqon James is a Commercial & Glamour photographer who also enjoys cars, sneakers and of course beautiful women. He founded High Speed Magazine in 2006.

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