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Honest Marijuana High-end marijuana blunts

Honest Marijuana’s “Honest Blunts” are unlike anything else on the market.

They aren’t rolled with tobacco, but instead come in two varieties: an organic hemp roll and an organic mint rolled sugar leaf.

honestblunt_59x84mmHonest Blunts contain probiotically-grown cannabis, which is free of pesticides and chemicals.

The plants were hand-watered and hand-trimmed for the best user experience possible.

Have you ever started to feel a little high just from opening a bag of soft, moist, colorful cannabis?

blunt-blisterHave you ever wondered what makes some cannabis smell, taste and feel better than others?

The stronger the sweet, citrus, spicy or pine aroma from the terpenes of your weed, the more likely your marijuana was grown organically.

Organic marijuana is simply tastier, healthier and more potent for both medical and recreational purposes.

According to MMJ Business Daily, the majority of cannabis consumers in Colorado, California and Washington State prefer organic marijuana compared to hydroponically grown weed or schwag which is dry, brittle, brown and loaded with seeds and stems.

hm-blunt_honeybirdSchwag tastes horrible when you smoke it because it was fed with lab-made fertilizers as opposed to the kind of “food” that pot plants prefer to eat.

There is so much to learn about Marijuana and it’s uses.



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