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Get Those Moves like Jagger: New E-Book Delivers Dance Floor ‘Basics’ for Men – VIDEO

The dance floor can be intimidating, even for the most confident people. But for men who can’t dance, it’s absolutely daunting and quite embarrassing!  Whether it be at a wedding or at a Saturday night party, it’s important for men to hop off the wall and ‘mingle with moves’ without the embarrassment.

After experiencing the awkward stares and a few comments from women about his dancing, Nick Taylor, a young and single socialite, partnered with a New York-based choreographer, Ben Watson, to come up with a solution to end dance floor embarrassment for men of all ages – Dance Floor Arsenal.

An e-book created for men by men, Dance Floor Arsenal is a complete education system designed to teach men dance floor basics in two weeks or less.  The tutorial package comes with a full-length guidebook and over 20 video lessons led by professional men’s dance instructor, Ben Watson, all for the price of one professional dance lesson ($29.99).

When you download Dance Floor Arsenal, you get:

  • A full length guidebook that will teach you the fundamentals of dancing with clear, practical, directions on dance moves, technique and methodology
  • Over 20 video lessons featuring:
    • Step by step instructional tutorials for tons of different dance moves
    • Techniques and exercises to condition your body and find instantly find your rhythm
    • Directions & techniques for dancing with women
    • Interviews & insight on dancing from a woman’s perspective
  • Practice playlists to get you used to common party & club music
  • Direct access to the Dance Floor Arsenal team throughout the course.




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