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Essential Men’s Grooming Gift Guide!

High Speed Magazine’s Essential Men’s Grooming Gift Guide!

The most often underappreciated person in the family, is the one who spent hours teaching you how to throw a football, shave, drive a car, ride a bike, and generally do some really cool stuff so that when you win the championship of your sport so that the first thing you say when on TV is;  “Hi mom”. Yup, that guy!

The great thing about it is that he doesn’t even have to be your bio-dad. He could be an uncle, a grandfather, any male really who was there helping you along into manhood. On June 16th you get to say thanks and show your appreciation. We’ve; being the great people we are round up some of the favorites that we’d like to be given as gifts. So check out our list after the jump!


Most men balk at the thought of skin care but the one thing all men have to do at some point in their lives is shave so here’s our our top picks for skin care!

Dove Men + Care:

Men´s skincare is a trending topic, unlike some years ago, men today are looking for products for their own care. Thinking about these consumers Dove have developed a line of products for Men´s skincare, they have named it Dove Men + Care. Like all products of the brand, Dove Men Care products have ¼ moisturizing cream, providing protection, plus a hydrated skin without discomfort. These products are recommended by renowned dermatologist Dr. Benabio, read some very useful tips and advice for Men´s skincare below.

van-der-hagen-soap-setVan Der Hagen Shave Set:

If you’re looking to dive into the world of wet shaving using proper technique, but don’t want to spend a fortune doing so, I very highly recommend the van der Hagen Luxury Shave set. The products are great quality and they are very fairly priced. Another thing I like about this set is that it is widely available online and locally at retailers like Walgreens and Target. The van der Hagen Luxury Shave set would also make a great gift for Christmas, Father’s Day or Graduation (or as a way to introduce your son to the art of shaving properly). For gift giving, I would combine this set with a shaving gift certificate from a local barbershop — now that would be a fine gift for any man.

313_ANGLEDFusion ProGlide manual razor:

($9.99) by Gillette; The Fusion upgrade is redesigned with a bigger, better-controlled grip and helps keep your skin comfortable with thinner, finer blades.


Overall Body:


What you’re paying for is a subtler, more natural scent. Instead of simply smelling like mint, a luxury deodorant will have other notes, like wood or citrus. But really, since either type will work, ignore price and find something you think smells good. For me, that’s Polo Number 3 ($15; It’s like having a mint leaf and ginger tucked in my armpit. Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact ($4; smells great, too, like a fresh orange peeled on the deck of a yacht.

Clean Comfort antiperspirant ($3.99) by Dove A subtle, fresh scent suitable for any occasion that promises 48 hours of odor and wetness protection (you should still apply daily). A nice bonus: It also contains Dove’s outstanding skincare benefits like irritation prevention.


jj-2048_1zActive Protect Face Lotion with SPF 50+ ($8.99) by Neutrogena Men; The do-it-all moisturizer: It nourishes, it protects, and it’s ultra sweatproof.

Body & Face Lotion ($5.79) by Vaseline Men; Great for chronically dry areas like the elbows and knees. Or for treating sunburnt skin. And it dries in 15 seconds, so it doesn’t slow down the morning routine.

Krigler-America-One-31America One 31 JFK definitely had his way with the ladies back in the day. He had the moves, the looks and he definitely smelled good, thanks to the America One 31, the ‘fragrance of power’. The complex scent has notes of cedar, black pepper and cumin, complemented by Mandarin and Neroli oranges along with Vetiver. It’s a premium scent, because power doesn’t come cheap of course. $165+.




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