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Mercury Marine Return to Car Engines

Mercury Racing Looking to Return To Automotive Engines. Mercury Racing, the high-performance division of boat-engine maker Mercury Marine, has set its sights on getting back into the auto-engine business, maybe someday reprising its 1990-94 role as engine supplier to the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1."Mercury Racing has a really high market share," said

Tesla Delivers Model 3

Tesla has delivered the first 30 production Model 3’s—the automaker’s mass-market, affordable electric vehicle (EV) that will be available for under $27,500 after a federal tax credit. This marks a potential tipping point for the EV market, but it still leaves more than half a million people waiting to get

East Coast Defender’s “Project Blackout”


East Coast Defender's "Project Blackout" Showcases the Balanced Power of LC9 Small-Block Engine! East Coast Defender’s recent “Project Blackout” showcases the balanced power of the LC9 small-block engine wrapped inside a beautifully handcrafted, black-on-black Defender 90. Known for its excellent handling and acceleration, the 5.3L engine is a smart option for