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Callaway $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560

Callaway Introduces New $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560

Callaway Introduces New $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560

Callaway Cars is proud to announce yet another addition to our SUV performance family, the 2018 Callaway Yukon Denali SC560. This $120,000 special build transforms the stock 420-hp and 5,743-pound luxury truck into a faster, more nimble 560-hp supercharged beast sure teat up any road.Callaway Introduces New $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560Under the hood drivers will find Callaway’s GenThree Supercharger paired with a TripleCooled Intercooler system originally developed for Callaway Corvettes. The ability to produce more horsepower and torque, while eliminating heat soak is what really makes this a unique upgrade.

Callaway Introduces New $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560


The supercharger package also adds Callaway-embroidered floor mats, a specially designed Callaway key fob, Callaway badging on both exterior and interior, and an underhood plaque with Callaway VIN.

In addition to more power, Callaway made upgrades to the braking system in the form of the Le Mans GT Brake Package. It features aluminum calipers with six-piston fronts and four-piston rears. Patented internal cooling vanes provide up to 80% more airflow than what can be found on the stock vehicle.


Ride control and handling were a top priority for the Callaway SC560. Each truck receives springs that lower ride height by about two inches. Stiffer swaybars were chosen to help control body roll during aggressive cornering. Two premium wheel options are available: 20-inch graphite 9-spoke style and upscale 22-inch 10-spoke black chrome fitment.

Callaway Introduces New $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560These upgrades truly create a unique driver experience that one wouldn’t expect with a heavy-duty vehicle. The $120,000 Callaway SC560 is one of six new performance packages offered at all Callaway-authorized GM dealers across the country.

Callaway Introduces New $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560“With a substantial boost in horsepower and a full range of custom features, the Callaway upgrades give GM SUVs additional punch, especially when it comes to towing and navigating rugged drive conditions. We set out to make a truck without compromise,” says Callaway Cars founder/CEO Reeves Callaway.

Callaway Introduces New $120,000 560-HP Yukon Denali SC560“Our company holds our trucks to the same stringent engineering standards that we apply to our cars to ensure that our clients have all the comfort they expect in a Denali paired with the precise performance they’ve enjoyed from Callaway over the last 40 years. For more information, please visit or call (866) 927-9400.



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