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Aria Group Debut of Mid-Engine Sports Car Concept

Aria Group showcases its design and engineering capabilities for the first time with debut of mid-engine sports car concept Company toasts its 21st year advancing design in the auto industry.

Orange County-based design, engineering and manufacturing firm Aria Group lifted the curtain on FAST EDDY, an American-made mid-engine sport car and the company’s first-ever original concept car design against a radiant backdrop at The Notion Studios in Los Angeles.

FAST EDDY is an exercise illustrative of the purest form of design, which is proportion, surface and sculpture.

This concept marks beginning of a new chapter for Aria, and offers a preview of the company’s original design to be debuted in the near future.

“FAST EDDY represents our continued passion for automotive design,” said Clive Hawkins, founder and CEO of Aria Group.

fast-eddy-2“Our belief is that in a world currently fascinated with products, technology and ‘mobility,’ there is still a space for design in its highest form. Cars should be moving sculptures – breathtaking for the onlooker and truly emotional for the driver.”

The striking design pays homage to the Chevrolet Aerovette XP-882 that featured a mid-engine configuration using a V8 engine.

fast-eddy-4The Aerovette was revealed in 1977 as a concept, but went no further. The Aerovette’s illusive lifecycle transformed its existence into a unicorn, and today American roads are still hopeful for the arrival of the mystical creature.

FAST EDDY is also a 21st Century revival of the cars designed in Detroit from the late 40s to the mid-70s, when designers experienced visceral connections to their creations.

And carmakers were bold enough to build them. The design elements of FAST EDDY pull from the classic 1965 Sting Ray and mid-engine concepts, with noticeable influences such as twin front and rear lights, and the iconic bumper.

fast-eddy-3The vehicle also has a distinctive American proportion, illustrated through its mid-positioned cabin.

Unlike its European counterparts, which are extremely cab-forward, FAST EDDY has a longer, less abrupt silhouette. The fenders are drawn from the awe-inspiring F-16 fighter jets.

The color of the paint is dark grey, as if the car is honed from a block of titanium. Coupled with the piano-black detailing, FAST EDDY captures a new vision of luxury.

FAST EDDY was also the nickname for Ed Taylor, who was a vice president of design during the golden years at GM and responsible for many cars in the company’s history, including the C4 Corvette.

Taylor, who was father of Aria Group’s co-founder Charles Taylor, was also a pioneering supporter of Aria Group’s early mission to advance design in the automotive space.



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