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Airlines Complain At Being Forced To Show Total Prices!

Airlines Transparent Pricing

Finally the U.S. Government is actually doing something for the people. The U.S. Department of Transportation is now mandating that all airline tickets must include all taxes and fees in advertised prices. Till now airlines like automotive dealers and many other companies listed the added costs in the small print. We all of course know; what the large print giveth the small print taketh away!

Airlines are firing back however with a lawsuit citing that the new rules will adversely affect their ability to do business. Airlines like Southwest claim that their $99.00 prices might not be so good if they have to show the same flight to be $128.00. The claim was made that people would see it as a huge rate increase for no reason and will stop buying tickets.

Here’s our message to the airlines. STFU! Quit your whining! People who fly will always fly regardless. It is about time that the airlines have something reminiscent of regulation done to them. Am I the only ones who noticed that we seem to be charged if not more the same for LESS?

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