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Adam Carolla Hosts; The Car Show On SPEED!

FastLaneMag - Adam Carrolla The Car Show on SPEED!

FastLaneMag.Com is bringing you the newest teaser for tonight’s new episode of “The Car Show,”


as well as a new clip from SPEED’s new show, “Dumbest Stuff on Wheels,” And we gotta say these people are PRETTY DUMB!
SPEED! The Dumbest stuff on Wheels - Fast Lane Magazine




and “My Ride Rules.”


My Ride Rules on Speed and Fast Lane Magazine

Please let us know if you have any feedback! And, as always, please be sure toÀšÃ‚ check out both “The Car Show” (Wednesdays @ 10/9c) and the premieres of “Dumbest Stuff on Wheels” (Wednesday, August 3rd @ 8/7c) and “My Ride Rules” (Wednesday, August 3rd @ 9/8c) ONLY on SPEED!


Let us know what you think about these new shows on SPEED! By leaving us a comment below or on Twitter @FastLaneMagÀšÃ‚ 




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